Saskatchewan Fine Art Fair

September 15–17, 2017

Opening Night Reception: September 14
The Sound Stage, 1831 College Avenue, Regina

Be part of a world-class event and a new Saskatchewan tradition.

SaskGalleries presents the second annual Art Now, the Saskatchewan Fine Art Fair, featuring premiere commercial art galleries throughout Saskatchewan, and beyond. Come and wander thousands of square feet of original fine art from 9 commercial galleries, all in one location. Art lovers of all ages are welcome. Food and beverage service will be available throughout the show.


Show Hours

Opening Night Reception
Tickets are $40 each and $20 each for artists. Purchase tickets here.

Thursday, September 14

Friday, September 15

4:30–6:30pmHappy Hour featuring music and drink specials

Saturday, September 16



Sunday, September 17



Art Now is excited to present our gallery exhibitors for 2017:

Opening Night Reception

Tickets are $40 each and $20 each for artists.

Enjoy live music, beverages, and appetizers as your view hundreds of original art works. There will also be $3,000 worth of door prizes, including gift certificates to the show, for art supplies, and a Joe Fafard bronze cow valued at $900, generously donated by Slate Fine Art Gallery. 

Proceeds from 2017 reception ticket sales will benefit the Saskatchewan Arts Board for additions to their permanent collection. 


Panel Sessions and Artist Talks

Art Now presents a series of panel sessions and talks each day of the show, as well as some amazing artist talks. All of these sessions are free to attend and all happen at the soundstage. Check out our awesome line up:

Friday, September 15


Counter Monuments — On Canada's 150th anniversary of Confederation, governments, organizations, and individuals across the country have marked the occasion in a variety of ways. For some it is a celebration, but for others it is a reminder of a colonial past and its ongoing legacy. Official monuments memorialize and legitimize official narratives, neglecting — and at their worst, denying — the multitude of perspectives that truly define any historical moment.  Audrey Dreaver, artist and curator, Adam Martin, Executive Director of Sâkêwêwak and Sherry Farrell Racette, artist and curator,  consider monuments and memorials in the context of Canada’s 150th, with an in-depth look at some of the ways indigenous artists are using the occasion as an opportunity to present their own counter-monuments to 150+ years of colonization.

Presenters: Audrey Dreaver, Adam Martin, Sherry Farrell Racette
Moderator: Belinda Harrow


Just in Case: Protecting Your Art Legacy — Just in Case was started by Harold Empey, a retired executive. Harold created a presentation and manual that outlines many questions to consider just in case something happens. In the case of artists, the list becomes more complex. Are you preparing your legacy? If you don’t, someone else will have to make these decisions for you.

Presenter: Harold Empey
Sponsor: Saskatchewan Craft Council, Professional Practices for Artists


Artist Talk: Cam Forrester — main stage


Artist Talk: Gabriela Garcia-Luna — Slate Fine Art Gallery booth


Happy Hour! — featuring music from E-Major and drink specials


Artist Talk: Denyse Klette — main stage


Artist Talk: Brent Parkin — Saskatchewan Craft Council booth


Artist Talk: Martha Cole — Assiniboia Gallery booth

Saturday, September 16

11:30 am

Technology and the Future of Art Commerce — Join us for a discussion of the shifting relationships between artists, galleries, and new technologies. Thomas Archer from SaskInteractive will highlight the latest developments in technology that are poised to disrupt the way we make and experience art, as well as market and buy it. 

Moderator: Thomas Archer
Sponsor: SaskInteractive


The Artist's Right to Resale Royalties — Artists should be paid for their work. Period. If you’re a supporter of the arts in Saskatchewan, you probably agree. CARFAC and RAAV have been working for many years to introduce legislation for an Artist’s Resale Right (droit de suite), a royalty paid when an art work is resold through a commercial gallery, auction house, agent, or dealer. Session participants discuss the pros and cons, and the impact of an artist’s resale right on artists, collectors, galleries, auction houses, and the art market in general.

Presenters: Grant McConnell, Joe Fafard
Moderator: Dr. Terrence Heath
Sponsor: in part by CARFAC Sask


On Collecting Art — Collecting art is more than just filling spaces on walls. Collectors are as varied and unique as the works of art that they collect. Some do it for love, and others for money. Some collect with an eye towards posterity, while others make compulsive choices. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a person who speaks confidently about your “collection”, this discussion is sure to offer something of interest. It offers practical advice and stories of the ones that got away to discussions about individual collecting practices and sneak peeks into some of the province’s most noteworthy private collections. 

Presenters: Kim Jones, Laurie Nenson, Pam Klein
Moderator: Kimberley Fyfe
Sponsor: Saskatchewan Craft Council, Professional Practices for Artists


Artist Talk: Val Moker — main stage


Artist Talk: Victor Cicansky — Slate Fine Art Gallery booth


Artist Talk: Wilf Perreault — main stage


Artist Talk: Allyson Glenn — main stage


Sunday, September 17


Looking at Art — Saskatchewan artist Joe Fafard once commented to Dr. Heath that the viewer of his art completes the work. Each viewer, however, is a wild card in responding to art work. Viewers' reactions cannot be known prior to their actually seeing the work. The viewer may experience an emotional sensation of one degree or another, while the art work receives many and individual responses from each viewer. In this talk and the following discussion, Dr. Heath explores the experience of “Looking at Art.”

Presenter: Dr. Terrence Heath
Sponsor: in part by Prairie Fundraising


Saskatchewan Innovators: Nik Semenoff, Waterless Lithography and other Non-Toxic Printmaking Techniques — Saskatchewan people have always been known for their entrepreneurial and inventive spirit, and Saskatchewan artists are no different. Nik Semenoff, Honorary Professor Emeritus at the University of Saskatchewan, is the inventor of Waterless Lithography, a non-toxic easy to use printmaking technology that achieves the look of traditional stone lithography without compromising health and safety. Chaired by Saskatchewan artist and printmaker Paul Constable, in this session, Semenoff shares the story of how and why he developed this unique and revolutionary process. Following the talk, Semenoff will demonstrate some of his innovative techniques.

Presenters: Nik Semenoff, Paul Constable


Artist TalkJay Kimball




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