What If? Gallery is an inviting, new, down-to-earth gallery that welcomes and invites artists and art lovers to experience the unique atmosphere of variety, acceptance, and the inclusive sharing of art. The gallery walls are filled with abstract, realism, impressionistic and representational art with mediums such as oil, acrylic and watercolour painting, professional artistic photography, encaustics, pen and ink, graphite drawings and some newly developing sculptural aspects. The pieces are available to enjoy, admire, or purchase.

At What If? Gallery, we strive to give a voice to artists who simply must speak their heart through their art.  Every piece which fills this space is created originally and captures the personality of the artist who has created it. It is of utmost importance to the owner that original art be available and accessible to all people. It is our belief that in order for people to connect with each other and the world in which we live in a meaningful manner, we must share in, and appreciate, the expressive experience of art.  What If? Gallery represents artists from Saskatchewan as the local talent is staggering, however, the gallery looks forward to expanding its collection in the future.


Donita Fichter, Owner 
210 Mountain Street, Strasbourg, SK, S0G 4V0

(306) 216-1393