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Karey has 2 boys under the age of 5 who like to play hockey (she keeps the art out of the reach of the make-shift hockey games). She’s an entrepreneur, works from home, and she and her husband like to test drive the art in their home before they buy it. Yes, you can do that.

Karey’s collection features works by Kimberly Kiel and Sheila Kernan, among other amazing artists.



Travis is a carpenter and his wife is a nurse. They have two young girls and a home full of colour. They set money aside to spend on original art because they appreciate the unique work of artists and living in a home that’s distinctly theirs.

Travis’ collection features works from Jefferson Little, among other amazing artists.



Evie works as a communications professional and loves to spend their free time outside. They like how their home feels with art in it. And so do their dogs, Gracie and Frankie. Evie is living proof that it’s okay to live with blank walls until the right piece finds a home.

Evie’s collection features works from Janet Macpherson and Mike Binzer, among other amazing artists.


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