Slate Fine Art Gallery: Regina

Gina Fafard and Kimberley Fyfe opened Slate Fine Art Gallery in 2013 in Regina's Heritage neighbourhood with an accomplished roster of Canadian artists. The gallery has 2,000 square feet of exhibition space - a main gallery for feature shows, and a smaller area to showcase emerging talent. With a focus on Saskatchewan, the art you will find at Slate Gallery is modern and innovative with visual strength, sophistication and lasting impact. Monthly exhibitions, live performances and special events are all equally inspiring.

In the past years, Slate has focused on showcasing Saskatchewan luminaries such as Joe Fafard, David Thauberger, and Victor Cicansy alongside a rand of new, exciting artists like Zachari Logan, Heather Benning, Belinda Harrow, and more.

Gina Fafard and Kimberley Fyfe are available for consultation to new and experienced buyers and can assist with the acquisition and investment of artworks for private, corporate and public collections and quality framing services. Visit Slate Fine Art Gallery Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., or on their website.