Come to Art Now; You Won't Regret It

When it comes to art fairs, some visitors may be nervous; they can be intimidating places.  Big art fairs, and even smaller ones to a degree, are fast-paced, busy, visually stimulating, and at times, confusing to navigate. But when it really comes down to it, art fairs are a gathering place for people to appreciate and experience fine art, and maybe even (hopefully) buy a piece or two for their collections. Art fairs can also provide more than that if you want them to; sessions and panels, information about art trends, social nights, and networking opportunities abound. Art fairs are cultural events aimed to support gallery systems that bring together the community and all levels of art-lovers.

Here in Canada, there are only a handful of fine art fairs, and until three years ago, there were none on the prairies. Art Now Fine Art Fair was created to showcase the very best Saskatchewan and Canadian original fine art and to bring that art fair experience to Saskatchewan. The event works to increase public awareness, appreciation, and the audience for fine art andbrings a new cultural experience to those who may not otherwise visit art galleries. There is no admission charge for Art Now and the event is family friendly. 

In our third year, Art Now is bigger than ever before and will be featuring galleries from all three prairie provinces. Attendees will be treated to new works from artists represented by Nouveau Gallery, The Gallery / art placement inc, Assiniboia Gallery, Bohème Gallery, Slate Fine Art Gallery, Void, Saskatchewan Craft Council, Collector’s Choice Art Gallery, Art Calgary, Lantern, and Sâkêwêwak Artists’ Collective. We have also added an exciting new collaborative installation space featuring 3D works. 

Information sessions, panels, and artist talks will round out your art fair experience at Art Now. You won’t find any intimidation here; just a great art-filled time for everyone. Check out the Art Now website for more info.